You can count on premium quality materials, cutting-edge technology and qualified wormanship.

Digital measurements

Granit Plus is one of the very few granite and quartz countertop manufacturers to use digital equipment to take measurements.

This technology allows us to take a reading of the walls and other structures. The collected data serves as basis for fabrication to which the technician will add our standard countertop overhang or any specifics required by the customer.


Drafting software is used to prepare a detailed shop drawing for each and every project.  That data is also used by our draftmen to programm the various CNC stations.


Every slab goes thru a visual inspection in order to single out potential flaws such as large spots, unusual veins, rust or discolourations that could mar its appearance or cracks that could affect its quality.

We systematically set aside any segment that fails to meet our selection criteria.

CNC stations

Fabrication with CNC machines provides greater precision, flexibility and performance regardless of the type of project.  Qualified CNC operators cut and shape all pieces according to customer specifications. and as specified on approved shop drawings.


Although most of the fabrication process is done at the CNC stations, we still require the know-how and dexterity of our stone cutters and polishers to add the final touch.

Final inspection

Each and every countertop or piece is inspected prior to shipment to ensure the integrity of the product and verify seam adjustments  for a perfect fit.

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Région de Québec : 418 683-0303
Estrie : 1 877 652-2514
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