Lapitec is ...

… durable, stylish and contemporary. It is available in various colour collections and finishes and different thicknesses. It can be used to fabricate countertops (kitchen and bathroom), fireplace mantels, wall and floor coverings or furniture.

The finish is …

… Durable, resistant to acids, impacts, extreme heat, thaw and frost and UV rays.

Characteristics include …

Thickness : 20mm (10 lbs/SF) • 13mm (6 lbs/SF),
Finish : Lux (very glossy) or Satin
Use : Interior and exterior design

Types of seams and edges available with Lapitec products only.  Learn more >>>

We like to keep a few of the more basic colours in inventory for our clients.

  • bianco crema lapitec
    Bianco Crema Lapitec solid surface - LA01L
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    Lapitec quartz ...
  • Bianco Polare Lapitec Solid Surface - LA07L
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    Lapitec quartz ...
  • grigio piombo lapitec
    Grigio Piombo Lapitec Solid Surface - LA09L
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    Lapitec quartz ...

Nonetheless it is possible for us to get any of the other LAPITEC colours. Please follow the link below to access the complete colour selection.

logo lapitec