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Straight seam

straight seam

Straight seams are standard with type A or B edges.

Spectra seam

joint spectra seam

An original concept developed by Granit Plus, the Spectra¹ seam enhances the aesthetics of any countertop. Besides adding strength to the assembly it reduces the appearance of the seam, the curved line blending in with the pattern of the stone.

Of extreme precision, this exclusive process is offered with most edge types.

Note ¹: Industrial design registration # 117390

Edge calibration


We take great care in ensuring the aesthetic quality of both the top and the underside of our countertops. More to the point, adjoining granite pieces are levelled to an even thickness to ensure a close fit of the edges. The final assembly displays a smooth and impeccable line attesting to the quality sandards of Granit Plus.

G.U.R. process

procede gur processrupture

The G.U.R. process was developed to facilitate the handling of fragile pieces. It was back in 1989, that the thought of adding reinforcement rods in specific areas was successfully tested. There is a patent pending for this concept at the moment.  (Patent application # 2005201)

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FPR) rods are inserted in specific areas, (2) at the front of the sink cut out and (1) at the back of the sink or cooktop cut out.  Rods are also inserted in sink and cook top strips.

This unique process increases the strength of the granite by 300% in areas weakened by the sink or cooktop cut-out.

Bonding area


The underside of the countertop, alongside de rim of the sink cut out, is slightly recessed in order to achieve a better fit and bond between the stone and the undermount sink,

Thermoformed quartz

Thermoforming is a process thru which the quartz is heated then bent into shape, creating smooth internal or external radiuses or curves.

This technique is used to create beautiful and uniquely shaped reception desks, islands or bechn-type seats.

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