Quartzite Mont Blanc Nimbia

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Mont Blanc Nimbia (Quartzite)

Mont Blanc Nimbia is a quartzite from Africa. Quartzite and despite its name, it does not contain quartz.  It’s actually a natural stone with properties similar to granite. Mont Blanc Nimbia has splashes of white and grey streaks and occasionnally darker specks or lines across it. This stone offers the classic look of marble and the benefits of granite, simply perfect in any kitchen. 


Quartzite : A natural and unique material that offers strength, durability, easy maintenance.

Clearly a natural stone of great beauty and style that adds prestige and elegance to any décor:

Kitchen countertops, vanities, showers, fire mantels, tables and so much more.

Granit Plus offers you an impressive selection of granites, quartz and marble and provides professional service for all residential or commercial projects.


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