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What is granite ?

"Granite is a magmatic stone mostly composed of quartz and feldspath and accessorily of mica, which when shaped and polished may be used in ornementation."

Granite is a stone of great beauty and versatility that is highly resistant to wear and extreme heat. Furthermore, its polished finish provides a natural barrier against stains and spills. It is the perfect material to fabricate kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace mantels, bath surrounds, shower bases and other decorative or functional furniture. It may be used indoors as well as outdoors since sunlight will not alter its appearance.

Granite is and remains a natural stone with unique characteristics. It is normal to encounter certain forms of visual imperfections on occasion. Some granites may have : dark spots of various shapes or sizes, streaks, pinholes or micro-seams. These are all natural occurrences. The incidence may vary according to the type of granite, and may be more or less visible depending on the global lighting but none of these affect the quality or the durability of the granite. These are simply distinctive marks for those who appreciate natural beauty.

Imagine how it will transform your décor….